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After what seems like years of effort, My sister's two donkeys, Big Daddy Freddy and Glenna, have their first baby, as yet unnamed. Now, if anyone can only tell us what donkeys are good for, we'll be all set. My sister Lynne (and the entire menagerie) live on a 27 acre farm in Sulphur, Kentucky.

Flash Update: Current suggested name is "Hotie", as in Donkey-Hotie, get it??
Even newer Flash Update: Current working name is Tuchas Aureleus - cute, but I liked "Hotie" better.

Coming out

donkey picture

Out and About

donkey picture

Ears up and cautious...

donkey picture

More recent pictures

donkey picture donkey picture donkey picture

Even More recent pictures, taken 6 July 2001

All Three Donkeys Big Daddy Freddy, Glenna & Tuchas, not sure about that camera...
Ed with the three of them Sam with Tuchas
All Three Again Tuchas
Tuchas is growing up, and losing his baby fur
Tuchas alone

Well, it's spring of 2002 and time has passed. Changes abound amongst the longeared ones in Sulphur. Tuchas has grown, and Freddy has passed away, but not before putting Glenna in the family way again. Also, Lynne has adopted an abandoned, and badly foundered, miniature donkey, now christened "Paco." It is unclear if Paco will survive, but he apparently doesn't know that.

Paco in his pen, note the wrappings on his feet.
Paco in his Pen
Paco meets the big boysAnd decides to chase Cobie away
Paco meets the guys Paco chases Cobie

7 November 2002- Glenna passed away this morning, after fighting complications in birthing. The colt also did not survive. My prayers are with my sister in Sulfur, and with all the critters on the farm. Tuchas and Paco will have to harass the horses by themselves.

Check out Lynne's tribute to her first equine love, Shortfat

Should you be wondering what kind of people live on a farm in Sulphur Kentucky, here is a picture of Lynne and Joe on one of their better days: Lynne & Joe in Drag

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