Favorites These are a few of my favorite links.
There's no good reason for them to be here, just something to do.

Daily information, or sites to touch once a day
CNN news - What can I say?? Weather - Local Weather from CNN
APOD - Astronomy Picture of the Day, Way cool  

Friends (Quaker) Sites
Philadelphia Yearly Meeting - The Yearly Meeting in my area FGC - Friends General Conference is the umbrella organization for the unprogrammed friends tradition.
Pendle HIll - A Quaker Center for Study and Contemplation in suburban Philadelphia Religious Society of Friends - Many, many links on Quakerism.
Quakerinfo.com- More resources on Quakerism Britain Yearly Meeting - Home site of Quakerism in Britain

Hobbies and What-Not in no particular order
Blade Forums - Discussions on all aspects of knives International Dutch Oven Society - People even more crazy about Dutch Ovens than I
Knots on the Web - The best place for knotting information Suite 101 Outdoor Cooking - Good Source for camp cooking information.
US Scouting Service Project - A great resource for scouting information and support Mac Scouter - Another great scouting site.
Geezer Cookbook - Scout and Camp Cooking Recipes Dutch Oven Recipes - A start on DO recipes.
IGKT - The International Guild of Knot Tyers (!) IGKTNAB - North American Branch of the IGKT.

Programming and Web Tools
Pegasus Email Program - The best email client available is free, and just got even better with the release of version 4.01. While it may not be true that Mad Cow disease is the only virus not spread by Microsoft Outlook, why live with that when you can have a great email program? GlobalScape While not free, CuteHTML, CuteFTP, and CuteMap are cheap, not overwhelming, and very powerful for FTPing and building web pages.
Opera A small, fast, and incredibly versatile web browser. Version 7.1 is, incredibly, more featured, and even faster, than V6. Boycott Microsoft Internet Explorer, give my favorite browser a try. K-Meleon K-Meleon is another free browser, based on the state-of-the-art Mozilla engine. Version 0.7 is very complete, and fun to play with.
XNews A small, powerful, and free News client Elvis My Favorite clone of the Vi editor, available for many platforms. Vi is a powerful text editor, every real programmer's most important tool.

Shopping Links
Amazon.com - Buying through this link will direct 5% of the purchase price to scout camp scholarships. Barnes & Noble - More books and stuff
Chuckwagon Supply - Outstanding source for Dutch Ovens, supplies, and other outdoor cooking gear. Ragweed Forge - Cool medievalish stuff, as well as the best source for scandinavian knives.
Pricewatch - Starting Point to look for computer gear. Buck Custom Knife Shop - Custom Made Buck Knives. I'm hooked...
Pendle Hill Bookstore - Great source for books on religion and history. La Belle Cuisine - My favorite cookware and coffee shop.
Knife Center - My favorite online cutlery store. Campmor - Really great supplier of camping gear - a toy store!!
Trappistine Creamy Caramels - To my mind, the best caramels I've ever had, made by the nuns of Our Lady of the Mississippi Abbey in Iowa. A college friend is a member of the community there.  


Microsoft - Is it going to work today?

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