Competitions Which Have Used HCCP

10/23/2004TRUB Open203 Entries
10/23/2004Great Brews of America
11/6/2004BONES Bash105 Entries
11/6/2004THiRSTY Classic57 Entries
11/6/2004Foam on the Range130 Entries
11/20/2004Land of the Muddy Waters110 Entries
2/19/2005War of the Worts X268 Entries
2/26/2005BABBLE Brew-Off 2005122 Entries
3/5/2005Iowa Brewers Union Open
3/12/2005Shamrock Open209 Entries
3/12/2005Drunk Monk Challenge549 Entries
4/2/20052005 BOSS Challenge137 Entries
4/16/2005Hops-Bops 201st VSHFM Beer Blitz0591 Entries
4/30/2005 2005 ALES Homebrew Open & AHA 1st Round Competition 331 Entries
5/21/20052005 BUZZ-Off254 Entries
5/21/2005May Mead Madness 200525 Entries
5/21/20052005 Sunshine Challenge603 Entries
5/21/20052005 Bloatarian Open
6/1/20052005 Aurora Brewing Challenge236 Entries
6/4/2005San Joaquin Fair 2005 Homebrew Competition95 Entries
9/10/20052005 Topsfield Fair Homebrew Competiton87 Entries
10/6/2005VSHFM Beer Blitz63 Entries
11/12/20052005 Turkey Shoot66 Entries
12/3/20052005 Palmetto State Brwers Open301 Entries
2/18/2006War of the Worts XI322 Entries
2/25/20062006 Babble Brewoff199 Entries
3/11/20062006 Drunk Monk Challenge444 Entries
3/18/20062006 Shamrock Open209 Entries
4/1/20062006 BOSS Challenge172 Entries
6/3/20062006 BUZZ OFF284 Entries
9/9/20062006 Topsfield Fair Homebrew Competiton108 Entries
11/4/20062006 THIRSTY Classic161 Entries
11/11/20062006 Turkey Shoot126 Entries
12/2/20062006 Palmetto State Brewers Open432 Entries
2/7/2007War of the Worts XII443 Entries
2/24/20072007 Babble Brewoff254 Entries
3/3/2007Iowa Brewers Union Open95 Entries
3/9-10/20072007 Drunk Monk Challenge507 Entries
3/24/20072007 Shamrock Open (CARBOY)441 Entries
3/31/20072007 BOSS Challenge172 Entries
4/21/200719th Annual Bluff City Brewers Homebrew Extravaganza275 Entries
4/29/20078 Seconds of Froth/Mugshot Challenge355 Entries
6/9/20072007 BUZZ OFF269 Entries
9/8/20072007 Topsfield Fair Homebrew Competiton161 Entries
9/8/2007Malt Madness 2007276 Entries
9/15/2007Schooner Homebrew Championship252 Entries
11/3/20072007 THIRSTY Classic79 Entries
11/17/2007Land of the Muddy Waters206 Entries
11/30/2007Ninth Annual Palmetto State Brewers Open333 Entries
2/23/2008War of the Worts XIII554 Entries
2/23/2008Leap Year Babble Brew-Off207 Entries
3/1/20082008 Boston Homebrew Competition238 Entries
3/7-8/20082008 Drunk Monk Challenge427 Entries
3/15/20082008 Shamrock Open424 Entries
3/15/2008Hudson Valley Homebrewers 18th Annual Homebrew Competition287 Entries
5/10/20082008 Bloatarian Open173 Entries
5/17/200812th annual B.E.E.R. brew-off184 Entries
6/7/20082008 Buzz-Off401 Entries
9/6/20082008 Malt Madness372 Entries
9/13/2008Schooner Homebrew Championship504 Entries
10/18/20082008 Hops-Bops88 Entries
11/8/2008Foam On The Range 2008156 Entries
11/9/20082008 Turkey Shoot125 Entries
11/15/2008Second Annual Virginia Beer Blitz401 Entries
2/21/20092009 War of the Worts540 Entries
2/28/20092009 Boston Homebrew Competition274 Entries
3/13-14/20092009 Drunk Monk Challenge417 Entries
3/14/20092009 Shamrock Open441 Entries
3/21/2009Hudson Valley Homebrewer's Competition214 Entries
5/16/20092009 Spirit of Free Beer298 Entries
6/6/20092009 Buzz-Off404 Entries
6/16/20092009 Bloatarian Open160 Entries
6/16/2009B.E.E.R. 13th Annual Homebrew Competition205 Entries
6/30/20092009 Sasquatch Brew Fest50 Entries
8/7/20092009 Dominion Cup366 Entries
8/29/20092009 Malt Madness450 Entries
9/19/2009Schooner Homebrew Championship512 Entries
10/24/2009HOPS-BOPS 2009131 Entries
11/14/20092009 Land of the Muddy Waters242 Entries
11/15/20092009 Turkey Shoot147 Entries
10/31/200918th Annual Spooky Brew Review304 Entries
12/5/200911th Annual Palmetto State Brewers Open349 Entries
12/12/2009Third Annual Virginia Beer Blitz262 Entries
2/20/20102010 War of the Worts816 Entries
2/27/2010Boston Homebrew Competition361 Entries
2/27/2010Babble Brew-Off 2010348 Entries
2/27/2010Chicago Cup Challenge273 Entries
3/6/20102010 Bockfest Competition64 Entries
3/12-13/20102010 Drunk Monk Challenge617 Entries
3/13/20102010 Shamrock Open334 Entries
5/16/20102010 Bloatarian Open135 Entries
6/15/2010B.E.E.R. 14th Annual Homebrew Competitition254 Entries
8/7/2010Dominion Cup 2010422 Entries
9/10/2010Schooner Homebrew Championship555 Entries
9/11/2010Malt Madness 2010518 Entries
9/22/2010Fourth Annual Virginia Beer Blitz239 Entries
10/16/2010HOPS-BOPS 2010100 Entries
10/23/2010Fifth Annual New England Regional Homebrew Competition411 Entries
10/30/201019th Annual Spooky Brew Review274 Entries
11/13/20102010 Land of the Muddy Waters276 Entries
11/21/2010Turkey Shoot 2010207 Entries
12/3-4/201012th Annual Palmetto State Brewers Open321 Entries
12/11/20102010 Happy Holiday Homebrew Competition436 Entries
2/19/20112011 War of the Worts765 Entries
3/11-12/20112011 Drunk Monk Challenge735 Entries

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