Revision History

Date Revision Comment
 29/11/2004  1.0 Initial Release
 05/12/2004  1.0.1 Correct bug with not importing judge ranks correctly
Make 2004 BJCP Styles the default
 03/26/2005  1.1 Add Petillant to still/sparkling per BJCP 2004 Guidelines
Add Hydromel/Standard/Hock for Meads per BJCP 2004 Guidelines
Add warning when saving a table that any already defined flights and rounds will be erased
Add some error recovery when saving tables already defined.
Fix bug on importing entries where blank lines in input file would cause HCCP to hang
Update documentation for above changes
 06/01/2005  1.2 Add capability for multiple brewers.
Add "To be received" Database for entries
Add Large Bottle Label Option
Add Bottle Labels with Category Option
Add Ribbon Labels
Add Saving of XML report data
Enhance generation of XML report
Add printing of Calibration Scores.
Multiple minor bug fixes
Update Documentation
 06/07/2005  1.2.1 You always find a bug right after a release. This fixes formatting issues when printing score reports.
 06/09/2005  1.2.2 Sigh... In putting the last version online I somehow lost the module that builds bottle labels with categories. It's back now. While I was at it, I corrected a few instances where printer dialogs were not being removed after the printing was complete.
 03/31/2007  1.2.3 A long overdue release to correct a nasty bug in matrix based judge assignments. That code assumed a default ordering of the tables in the database. When that was not the case, the judge assignments would be messed up, as would, potentially, other aspects of table definition.

At the same time, I fixed a handful of minor annoyance bugs, such as a menaingless error message that would occasionally crop up when defining a table, and the code not correctly entering the entry numbers for Best of Show winners.
 04/11/2007  1.2.4 Correct the problem with BJCP XML reports occasionally missing some judges. Also, redefined point range assignments for organizers and judges as per the latest BJCP definition.
 06/23/2008  1.3 Lots of enhancements, especially for larger contests. Also contains a bug fix for a problem which potentially could cause errors in judge assignments.
 9/ /2010
1.3.4 Minor corrections
 01/31/2011  1.3.5 Version 1.3.4 released September 2010 had a serious bug affecting flight definitions, and should not be used.

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