HCCP Screen Shots

All information about participants is entered in HCCP through this screen.
This includes judges, entrants, staff, and general mailing information.

Information on Entries can be input rapidly using this screen. Particpants are selected from the list at the right, and information can be entered quickly by tabbing through fields.

Special information such as dry/sweet sparkling/still and special ingredients
can only be entered on categories for which it is appropriate. (Configurable)

Entry information can also be imported using a tab-delimited file format, for those contests which alternative mechanisms for recording entry information.

Collapsing categories to make tables is done by clicking in a list of categories.
A running count of entries in the table is calculated and displayed

Breaking down large tables into multiple flights is simple, with the ability to divide entries in a very flexible way. There is no practical limit on the number of tables or flights. pic

Judge Assignments are made by clicking in a matrix of tables and judges.
Judge preferences and dislikes are color coded, and Judges cannot be
assigned to tables in which they have entries.
(A printout is available for making announcements easy)

Alternatively, Judges may be assigned for each table by pointing and clicking in a list of judges.
Judges with entries in the category are not shown,
and the available judges are sorted by preferences for or against the category.

pic A wide variety of label options are available. HCCP will print address labels, score labels as a replacement for cover sheets, bottle number labels (need to be cut apart) and the ever popular judge scoresheet labels, which eliminate the need for judges to write the entry information, and their own information, on each scoresheet. pic

HCCP prints large and easily legible pullsheets for both preliminary flights/rounds and for Best of Show
Special information is included where appropriate.

Scores can be entered in a variety of ways. The most common is the flight entry form which echoes the pullsheet to make life easy on exhausted organizers. pic

HCCP includes a number of utilities and tools to make the organizer's life easier. One example is the Calibration Score Calculator, which simplifies entering and announcing data from your calibration round. pic

When the competition is complete, HCCP will generate an XML input file for the BJCP recording software which helps to automate submitting reports. Just email the file to the BJCP.

There are many more reports, views, and features to HCCP, but this should give a sample of what is available. I intend to augment and improve the program even further based on feedback from users.

© 2004 Alan L. Folsom, Jr.