A few mandatory, but mercifully brief, words.

Basic Knots (with animations)
The knots that every scout should be able to tie in their sleep.

Fifty Knots
Another list, this one of fifty suggestions of useful or interesting knots. Subject to rapid change. About half animated.

How to Tie a Turkshead
OK, everyone wants to know how to tie one of these, usually for a neckerchief slide. Here's how.

Large Turksheads & Mats
TJ Bartruff has graciously allowed me to add his page to this site. Great instructions for tying larger turksheads.

Knives for Knots
If you work with rope you need a knife. A discussion of what is appropriate.

Book List
An arbitrary list of my favorite knot books, at least for now. (includes links for purchasing, which supports scouting.)

Web Links
If you'd rather surf than tie, here are some good sites where you can find knotting info.

Sea Scout Requirements
My animations illustrating some of the BSA Sea Scouting requirements.

Humorous Tidbits
OK, only a couple tidbits (so far) but I like them!

Guest Book
There have been lots of visitors, please let me know who you are!

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