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Learn to tie your knots properly!!!

Gary Larson's Far Side has kept people in stitches for many years.
This is from what has been announced as the last Far Side Calendar, for 2002.

Thanks to Mr. Larson for years of sick humor...

Gary Larson Cartoon

The Classic Knot Joke ...
string joke 1 Once upon a time, at a scout camp near you, three little strings went for a hike on a hot summer day.
string joke 2 When they came back, hot and thirsty, the first little string went to the trading post for a gatorade, but the manager sent him away, dejected, saying "We don't serve Strings here!"
string joke 3 The second little string tried to buy a coke, but the manager angrily sent him away too, saying "Look, I told your friend, we don't serve Strings here!!"
string joke 4 The last little string twisted himself around, and mussed up his ends, and walked into the trading post.

"Hey", said the manager, "Are you a String??"

"No", he replied, "I'm a Frayed Knot!"
Ba-dum bum...

psychiatrist cartoon

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