These are samples of some Turkshead Neckerchief slides I have tied using nylon or poly cord, and have "heat treated" as discussed on "How to Make a Turkshead" page. The pictures are not as clear as I might have hoped, but should give you an idea of the result. Each of these is nearly rock-hard, and will not unravel.

A Standard three lead by 4 bight TH tied in white nylon cord 3L x 4B TH, in fancier white and red cord, and only two passes. 3L x 4B TH, in cheap red poly. These go to all the adult leaders in my Troop A two lead by 3 bight in nylon, which has a distinctive look
pictures of slides
5Lead by 6 Bight, in thin orange and black cord 4 Lead by 5 Bight in green poly cord. They look better than in this picture. I give one of these to an "Honor Camper" on each trip. 5 Lead by 4 Bight in nylon. Looks impressive. 6 Bight by 3 lead, in 3 different color cords. How many Scoutmasters have a Christmas Turkshead?

To teach a group of Cub Scouts, I made a supersized Turkshead out of colorful but cheap 3/8" rope, around a 1.5" form. It's about the size of a tennis ball, and is pictured next to a normal size neckerchief slide. Besides grabbing their attention, it made it easier to see how the strands related.
pictures of oversized Turkshead

In the December 2001 issue of InterKnot, the newsletter of the IGKT North American Branch, Bill Smothers hada description of Home Made Fids, made with PVC tubing. Here are my first attempts at this, with Turkshead tops, and Moku hitching around them.
pictures of Home Made Fids

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