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27 October 2003
Not really an update, but I just took an extended look at the guestbook, and wanted to thank all my visitors for their comments, it is very gratifying. I was also stunned to find visitors from 26 countries, the District of Columbia, and 45 46 states! (I guess the scouts in Hawaii, Mississippi, Montana, North Dakota and Wyoming know their knots already!). Thanks, folks!
18 June 2003
Added ability to view individual frames on the fifty knots page. A work in progress, to be expanded to the other animations
22 April 2003
Added TJ Bartruff's page for larger turksheads
12 June 2002
Started a humor section.
5 February 2002
Added Des Pawson's new book to the bibliography.
2 January 2002
Added a page of for the BSA Sea Scout knotting requirements.
18 December 2001
Added pictures of some Turkshead neckerchief slides, while I was home bored with a sick scout.
1 November 2001
I've started adding animations to the "Fifty Knots page. More as I find time to put them together.
26 September 2001
Add the "Knives for Knots" page. Guess I can't put off doing more animations any longer...
22 June 2001
Added links to Amazon.com on the bibliography page. Any referral fees generated go automatically to a scout camp scholarship fund.
24 May 2001
Finished animations of the 8 basic knots page.
17 May 2001
Fixed the guestbook, glad someone told me it wasn't working!!
26 April 2001
Went through the laborious process of validating all pages against the HTML 4.01 standard. Shouldn't matter to anyone other than an anal-retentive programmer.
28 February 2001
Added a Guest Book, just out of curiosity. Come on, sign, what's it gonna hurt?

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