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On March 13th 2001, Sam and Ed graduated from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts. As you can imagine, this was a big deal for our family. Tom is the Senior Patrol Leader for the troop they joined, and Alan is Scoutmaster, after having been their Cubmaster for three years. Here are some shots Kitty took, under really bad lighting conditions.

Arrow of Light Ceremony

Arrow of Light 1 Arrow of Light 2

Scenes from the Cross-Over to Boy Scouts

Our Cross-Over involves a test of preparedness. The Webelos Neckerchiefs are soaked in magic water. If they burn but are not consumed or harmed by the flames, then the boy is deemed to be prepared for scouting. Strangely, the cub scout definition of "prepared" is not always up to the Boy Scout definition!

Sam's Neckerchief burning, and getting a new one from Tom
Arrow of Light 3 Arrow of Light 4

Ed's Neckerchief burning, and his new one
Arrow of Light 5 Arrow of Light 6
Arrow of Light 7 All Done...

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