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Last year we nominated one of our very favorite teachers for Pennsylvania Teacher of the Year, and she was chosen as one of the 12 finalists. She invited Sam and Ed to introduce her at the finals, so we all went out to Harrisburg for the award ceremonies on September 29th, 2000. Ginny Bartosiewicz taught Tom, Sam and Ed, and is, in our opinion, the best teacher we have ever had the privilege to know.

While she was not the eventual winner, she was certainly in exalted company, and deservedly so.
toty 1

toty 2 Sam and Ed doing their introduction for Mrs. Bartosiewicz
Mrs. B coming to the stage toty 3
toty 4 Leaving the podium, Dr. Thomas P. Carey, Pennsylvania Deputy Secretary of Education looks on.
Group Photo, Mrs. Ginny Bartosiewicz, Deputy Secretary Carey, Sam and Ed. toty 5


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