Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither, and lose both.
-- Benjamin Franklin

When Night Ends. A lesson for the season

“How can we determine the hour of dawn – when the night ends and the day begins?” the rabbi asked of his students.

“When, from a distance, you can distinguish between a dog and a sheep?” one of his students suggested.

“No” the rabbi answered.

“Is it when you can distinguish between a fig tree and a grapevine?” another student asked.

“No” he replied.

“Please tell us the answer, then” said the students.

“It is when you can look into the face of a human being and have enough light to recognize in him your brother,” the wise teacher replied.

“Until then, it is night, and the darkness is still with us.”

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Do I understand that, as the morning sunlight builds, you see Jim? Must, at least occasionally, make you want to go back to sleep!


Thanks, Dad. Personally, I struggle with the image of Nathan’s horrific visage.
Perhaps I should get advice from Earl on how best to deal with such waking nightmares. ;)


The point is that you see __all__ people as brothers, even those you might not want to. Whether that applies to Jim, Nathan, or Earl is left as an exercise for the reader.

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