Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither, and lose both.
-- Benjamin Franklin

More Hypocrisy

More on the Frist Judicial Hypocrisy from CNN:

Frist also said that the Democrats’ filibuster against Bush’s nominees was the first time ever that “a judicial nominee with majority support had been denied an up-or-down vote.”

Republicans held a Senate majority for six of President Clinton’s eight years in office and frequently prevented votes on his court appointments by bottling them up in the committee, knowing the nominees would be confirmed if allowed to go to a vote by the full Senate.

One nominee, Richard Paez, a district court judge when he was nominated, waited more than four years before being confirmed to the appeals court.\

Frist is a liar. But apparently lying only matters if you are talking about your sex life. Then it’s an impeachable offense.

and also:

Democrats blocked 10 appointments in Bush’s first term. The president has renominated seven of the 10 since he won re-election, and Democrats have threatened to filibuster them again.

Wow, 10? Amazing. Note that in 1999 alone, of the 62 judicial nominations put up by Clinton, the Senate voted to confirm only 17, with the Republicans blocking a vote on the rest.

Frist, Delay, and the rest are not only liars and hypocrites of the worst sort, they are also ignorant of the basic constitutional rules which have governed our country for nearly 220 years.

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