Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither, and lose both.
-- Benjamin Franklin

WMD Final Report

The Associated Press
Updated: 9:24 p.m. ET April 25, 2005

“WASHINGTON – In his final word, the CIA’s top weapons inspector in Iraq said Monday that the hunt for weapons of mass destruction has “gone as far as feasible” and has found nothing, closing an investigation into the purported programs of Saddam Hussein that were used to justify the 2003 invasion.

In 92 pages posted online Monday evening, Duelfer provides a final look at an investigation that occupied over 1,000 military and civilian translators, weapons specialists and other experts at its peak. His latest addenda conclude a roughly 1,500-page report released last fall.

On Monday, Duelfer said there is no purpose in keeping many of the detainees who are in custody because of their knowledge on Iraq’s weapons, although he did not provide any details about the current number.

Among unanswered questions, Duelfer said a group formed to investigate whether WMD-related material was shipped out of Iraq before the invasion wasn’t able to reach firm conclusions because the security situation limited and later halted their work. Investigators were focusing on transfers from Iraq to Syria.

No information gleaned from questioning Iraqis supported the possibility, one addendum said. The Iraq Survey Group believes “it was unlikely that an official transfer of WMD material from Iraq to Syria took place. However, ISG was unable to rule out unofficial movement of limited WMD-related materials.”\

WMD Found: 0
Ties to 9/11: 0
Ties to Al Qaeda: 0
American Service personnel killed: 1573 (to date)
Estimated Iraqi Deaths: 100,000+
Cost of War: $167,000,000,000 (to date)

The captain of a submarine which hits an uncharted under water mountain is relieved of duty. The commander in chief who leads his country into a war under false pretenses causing thousands of deaths and billions of dollars lost, somehow gets re-elected.

See the comment about yahoos at the end of the next article.

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Wait a second. Wasn’t the war in Iraq to free the people? Or was the real reason WoMD? and then they changed it when the found none? I’m confused

Great page Mr.Folsom!I think that in addition to the WMD lies, the idea that GeorgeII was ELECTED is also a lie! Of course he was selected by the Supreme Court,the first time around and then after more hankey pankey in the same state(s)
2004 reaffirmed that the REICHSTAG burned down! Like the 1930s Weimar Republic of Germany, and remember what happened after that? I’m 55, and the father of 2 girls and a boy (32, 28, and 26)and I dread where this living nightmare will wind up for our progeny. Glad to see you are linking to the Society of Friends, I would also like to recommend the Verified voting .org mailing list I belong to. Dr. David Dill is one of their computer experts at Stanford University. Have to TAKE BACK our country SOMEHOW! I tell REPUBLICANS to take back THEIR party, the one that said, "CAPITAL SHALL NOT OWN US"and elected Lincoln and later had Teddy Roseveldt busting up trusts, though he had to leave to found the Bull Moose party, as the Republicans slid into the pockets of the Superich.
Of cours my Democratic party is stuck with the same Superich contributors so…what choice do we have? Taking the airwaves back by requiring an expanded C-span…get some public discussion and yea, even Real Debate and ARGUMENT, which has been turned into as dirty a word as LIBERAL…Thanks for the chance to write something
today! Now back to the bagpipes…from another Folsom, glad to meet in cyberspace, Alan! Keep up the good work! Sean

Hi Sean-

Nice to have you visit. I checked your site; nice work you do. It seems there must be a musical gene in the folsoms that I’ve missed – I can’t carry or tune or play anything, though I have a half-brother who is deep into it, and my father has played the guitar all the time that I remember him.

The republicans have sold out whatever principles they had to big business, and have enlisted the support of the religious right, which somehow manages to ignore what Jesus actually taught in favor of their own prejudices.

While I cannot in conscience agree that the election was stolen (in 2004), I have to wonder about the total rejection of obvious fact that led to the results we had. In addition, anyone who denies there was a concerted effort to disenfranchise democratic voters by the republican operatives just doesn’t know what they are talking about. My oldest son worked election day dispatching lawyers to polls where complaints occured. The actions that day were truly appalling. They may or may not have been done at the instigation of the national party, but they did occur.

I would hope that expanded debate and discussion would improve the situation in this country, but I doubt the intellectual rigor of the majority of the population. Most would rather treat this as a football game, cheering their side, than actually examine what has been happening over the last 4 1/2 years.

Hi Alan! Boy did I have some mis-spellings in that last email! I wrote it early in the A.M. though so that’s my excuse. Sorry for your lack of perhaps, undiscovered talent at music. Most people who think they are "tone deaf" or "can’t carry a tune in a bucket" were around lazy music teachers, or no music teachers at all! That’s my opinion after years of school shows, private teaching, etc. Well I got out to the Polling place in Monterey, California as an observer,last Nov. and the county didn’t have enough ballots,and they sent out for more, and when THOSE ballots arrived they were the wrong forms! Some of the voters were told to handwrite their choice of candidates on them. Yes the voter turnout was WAY OVER what was expected,
and KERRY was expected to carry California,but…..
why the irregularities?Yes it is a football game now. However, I refuse to give up on the general population! Prod! Cajol!
Discuss! Argue! As your site suggests that you also need to comunicate, perhaps there is a threshold, where enough people are online, AND out in public spaces, to get involved, to change things! I’m tired of being an detached,marginalized,onlooker!
COME ON BOOMERS! DO YOUR DUTY! Thanks Alan! Sean signing off for now!

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