Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither, and lose both.
-- Benjamin Franklin

Judge Roberts

Mr. Bush has nominated John G. Roberts, Jr. for the Supreme Court.

It is my sincere hope that the senate quickly confirms him to that post. Roberts is conservative, but despite that appears to have the intellectual capacity, and personal integrity, to serve well on the Bench. He is no Clarence Thomas, thank God.

While he would not be my first choice for the court, he does seem a good one, if from the conservative mold. Let the senate review be thorough, and assuming nothing egregious comes out, get the nomination approved and done with. With only two years as a judge, it is hard to see exactly where his opinions lie, but there were far worse names floated as possible replacements for O’Connor. I would personally prefer someone with more experience on the bench, but given the divisive atmosphere now, perhaps anyone with more experience would have provided too big a target for one side or the other.

If the hurried nomination of Roberts was meant to distract attention from the other issues of the failed Bush administration, it should not be allowed to succeed. Proceed with a review process of Roberts, of course, but don’t rush to trash him just because he is Bush’s nominee. Meanwhile, concentrate on those in power with no integrity, such as Rove and DeLay. Concentrate on the lies that lead to the Iraq war, and the thousands upon thousands dead because of it. Concentrate on the abuse of detainees. Concentrate on the increased danger in the world because of the administration’s iniquitous foreign policy. Concentrate on the apparent perjury in the ongoing investigation of leaks about CIA agents. (I would assume that if lying about your sex life under oath is serious enough to justify impeachment, then lying about your role in exposing agents of the government would be, but I don’t have the republican mindframe).

There are too many evil people in this administration to start partisan fights about the few associated with it who do have integrity.

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I agree with you – this nominee appears to show some unexpected restraint by the Bush administration.

My comment, though, is mostly to share some really funny links about another nominee, John Bolton:

Bob Harris’s site is pretty good – stumbled across it looking for something else.

- erk

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