Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither, and lose both.
-- Benjamin Franklin

Arctic Warming News

Scientists are now saying that the total ice covering the arctic region will be least ever recorded, and within the lifetime of someone born today, may be completely ice free during the summers.

“It’s increasingly difficult to argue against the notion that at least part of what we are seeing in the Arctic, in terms of sea ice, in terms of warming temperatures … is due to the greenhouse effect,” Mark Serreze, a research scientist at NSIDC, said in an interview.

“We’ve put a hit on the system and we are in the midst of a grand global experiment,” Serreze said about the impact of global warming and ice melting on humans and animals. “We will have to live with the outcome.”

Most scientists believe greenhouse gases, including carbon dioxide that is released mainly from cars and utility smokestacks, cause global warming by trapping solar heat in the atmosphere. Many believe global warming can lead to catastrophic consequences, including raising sea levels and strengthening weather events such as hurricanes.

As opposed to so called “Intelligent Design”, there is plenty of hard evidence for the belief that global warming from greenhouse gases is causing major shifts in weather patterns, exacerbating the problems with hurricanes. Potential problems include vast stretches of currently arable land becoming unusable; the destruction of the gulf stream which is responsible both for huge fisheries, as well as keeping Europe’s weather stable; massive flooding; and complete destruction of human habitats in currently marginal living areas.

The US is the world’s largest producer of greenhouse gases.

The administration has refused to sign the Kyoto Accord, which is a coordinated attempt to reduce greenhouse gases.

Never mind 2,000 dead American soldiers, or upwards of 100,000 dead Iraqi’s; their greed may end up killing us all.

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Kyoto does have some problems, though not nearly what the administration has said ($5 billion in losses, I think). Still, the administration has disregarded both the goal of the initiative, the value other nations place on it, and the value of at least coming up with an alternative. Instead… business as usual.

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