Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither, and lose both.
-- Benjamin Franklin

How to react to Sarah Palin

A recent letter to the editor of mine:

Other than the talking heads on TV is there anyone who, deep in their hearts, is not insulted by McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin as a vice-presidential candidate?

Hillary Clinton supporters should be insulted that John McCain thinks their allegiance is to a configuration of body parts, rather than to the ideals and principles for which Hillary has fought. Sarah Palin represents the opposite of these.

Republican women should be insulted that the legion of far more qualified women such as Dole, Sibelius, and Hutchinson of their party were passed over, so that a pretty and young face could be chosen.

Republicans and Democrats alike who are concerned about the ethical problems in government should be insulted, when McCain chooses a running mate who is currently the subject of two ethics investigations which could, potentially, result in her impeachment.

Those who have bought into John McCain’s claim of the importance of experience should be insulted. Sarah Palin has been the governor of a state with the approximate population of Fort Worth Texas for a year and a half. Prior to that she was a (not particularly successful) mayor of Wasilla Alaska. I live in Warrington. If you take the population of Warrington and divide it by two, then subtract 1000, you will have roughly the population of Wasilla. I know and like my township supervisors, but I don’t believe they are qualified to be president.

Those who believe our leaders should be able to guide our country with wisdom through the difficult trials of the world should be insulted, when the candidate McCain chooses has no international experience, and who’s sole education is a degree in journalism from a third tier university. My twenty-five year old son spent a summer as an intern in a US embassy in Europe, and is currently attending the Georgetown Graduate School of Foreign Service. He has infinitely more foreign policy experience than Sarah Palin.

When John McCain returned from his captivity in Viet Nam, he abandoned the wife that had stood by him during that trying time for a younger, prettier face with lots of money. He has done it again, abandoning his own principles and those who have supported him, for a young pretty face who can bring in money from the oil companies and the single-issue prolifers. If you are uncertain how to vote in November, consider what John McCain has done with his very first presidential level decision.

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