Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither, and lose both.
-- Benjamin Franklin

The reason behind Palin’s resignation.

The current game among political junkies, both conservative and liberal, seems to be guessing why Sarah Palin chose to resign.

I’ve read lots of theories, but I think they all miss the obvious answer. Of the twenty-two republican governors she has, for months, maintained her lead as ther most bat-shit crazy of all of them. She just couldn’t let her crown pass to Sanford of South Carolina without a fight. He called, she raised.

So, we have two of twenty-two vying for the most barking-mad, two fries short of a happy meal, smart as bait, whackjob republican governor. (leaving out Bobby “exorcisms ‘R Us Jindal, Ahnold “I’ve groped every living female AND run the biggest state in the union into the ground” Swarzheneggar as also rans, and Mike “God tells me everything, I don’t need to think” Huckleberry, who is disqualified). Two out of twenty-two is roughly nine percent, a higher percentage than the rate of ANY variety of mental illness in the general population.

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URI??? Did you mean URL? I gave you that just in case.

“Bat-shit crazy” and “barking mad” are colorfully descriptive but the reality is “crazy like a fox” might be more fitting. She wanted to get out of office before she did something really embarrassing or scandalous that might preclude her from running for further federal posts. It was future damage control by republican handlers who pointed to GWB as an example. “See, we got him elected, we could elect a ham sandwich.” Just as long as she doesn’t fall mustard side down in the permafrost she thinks she’s got the inside track and if Barnum was right, she probably does.

(Oh and as to the wounded, you haven’t taken into account the psychological injury suffered by people who come to realize that they have taken the lives of countless Iraqis who did them no harm just because they were frightened and shot their way out of a possibly dangerous situation. Like shooting up a wedding. I know a returned vet who is dealing with that. Why doesn’t anyone post the number of Iraqis killed since this started? My 14 year old life scout wants to know.

My god, somebody is actually reading this stuff…. Have you no life?

I don’t know where I used the abbreviation URI, but for what it’s worth, a URI is a “Uniform Resource Identifier”, which is a Superset of a “Unifo0rm Resource Locator” (URL) there are also URN’s (Uniform Resource Names), which don’t locate things. So, I used URI when I should probably have been moe specific and used URL, but in reality they amount to the same thing, sorta.

The most acurate available hard numbers on Iraqi’s killed is at Unfortunately, it only documents “hard kills”, combat deaths of civilians. Peer-reviewed estimates by “The Lancet” show total Iraqi deaths due to the war at over 650,000 through 2006.

I can’t find the specific articles online, but a discussion of them is at

My three eagle scout sons are appalled at these numbers also.

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