Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither, and lose both.
-- Benjamin Franklin

What an embarassment

If the national Republican Party had an iota of respectability left, they lost it last night.

When George Bush stood in front of congress and told blatant lies about Iraq, I do not recall a single democrat waving sheaves of paper at him. I do not recall a single democrat wearing protest signs around their necks.

And I certainly do not recall a single democrat heckling him during the speech as South Carolina’s Joe Wilson did last night when he shouted out “you lie!” Has anyone ever been that disrespectful during a presidential address to congress? The man has apologized and his apology has been accepted. Nonetheless, he has revealed his true character as well as his ignorance. Several groups have fact-checked the issue and the results are readily available. The president was correct, Joe Wilson was boorish, ignorant and flat-out wrong.

It was not just Joe Wilson who embarassed himself and his constituents. Every single republican who waved papers or wore a sign crossed the line between civility and rabid, uncouth demagoguery. Every single one of them should be ashamed, and if they had any self-respect left, should resign.

What is it about the national republican party that they cannot address any issue rationally and with sincere discussion? How is it that they can see the speck in any democrat’s eye, but ignore the log in their own? How is it that sanctimonious Mark Sanford, after globe-trotting on the states money to visit his mistress, and then accusing his own leutenant governor of being gay, not get ridden out of town on a rail by his “conservative” supporters, or at least thrown out of office?

I recall a movement a few years ago for all the self-righteous bible-thumping fundamentalist conservatives to move to South Carolina, where they could become a majority and run the state with their own little “christian” ayatolahs. I say, given the likes of Joe Wilson and Mark Sanford, let them. Then build that border fence they want so much around the entire state.

We’d all be much better off.

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