Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither, and lose both.
-- Benjamin Franklin

When you think they can’t sink any lower….

Face it. Kerry was right, Bush and his minions are using the so-called “Swift Boat Veterans for Truth” as a front group:

From CNN:

A lawyer for President Bush’s re-election campaign disclosed Tuesday that he has been providing legal advice for a veterans group that is challenging Democratic Sen. John Kerry’s account of his Vietnam War service.

Benjamin Ginsberg’s acknowledgment marks the second time in days that an individual associated with the Bush-Cheney campaign has been connected to the group Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, which Kerry accuses of being a front for the Republican incumbent’s re-election effort.

So. There is a direct link between the Bush campaign and the group which is desperate to contradict their earlier statements, and their own citations, to lie about Kerry. These are the same people who questioned McCain’s service, and most abhorrently, Max Cleland’s who gave three limbs to the service of his country while Bush was getting drunk and Cheney had “other priorities.”

There used to be principled Republicans. It appears they have disappeared from the national party, leaving nothing but pond scum, leaving a trail of stink and corruption everywhere they go.

I’m disgusted. Can you tell?

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