Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither, and lose both.
-- Benjamin Franklin

Are you better off now than you were four years ago?

Census data, as reported by CNN/Money:

Survey: More Americans in poverty

Census Bureau report says 1.3 million slipped below benchmark; health care coverage also declines.
August 26, 2004: 11:04 AM EDT

WASHINGTON (CNN) – The number of Americans living in poverty jumped by 1.3 million last year as household incomes held steady, the Census Bureau said Wednesday.

The percentage of the U.S. population living in poverty rose to 12.5 percent from 12.1 percent — as the poverty rate among children jumped to its highest level in 10 years. The rate for adults 18-to-64 and 65 and older remained steady.

The bureau also said that the share of aggregate income for the lowest 20 percent of Americans fell to 3.4 percent from 3.5 percent.

According to The money spent so far in Iraq (ignoring the thousands of lives) could have funded health insurance for 55 million kids for a year, or funded 1.9 million public housing units. Of course, Halliburton probably wouldn’t have gotten those contracts.

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