Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither, and lose both.
-- Benjamin Franklin

Who would Al Qaeda prefer as president? Ask our allies….

From the UK Guardian:

The Foreign Office was thrown into turmoil yesterday after the British ambassador to Rome, Sir Ivor Roberts, described President George Bush as “the best recruiting sergeant ever for al-Qaida”.

His comment, made at a closed conference of about 100 British and Italian diplomats, politicians and journalists in Tuscany, was leaked to an Italian newspaper, provoking embarrassment in London.

According to one of those present, Sir Ivor had been taking part in a discussion on which candidate Europeans would back if they had a vote in the US election. The ambassador said they would vote for Mr Kerry but some people would want Mr Bush, not least al-Qaida.

“If anyone is ready to celebrate the eventual re-election of Bush, it’s al-Qaida. Whereas it is clear that the Palestinians hope that a Kerry victory will unblock the situation,” he said.

The Foreign Office, which warned before the war that Iraq could become a breeding ground for al-Qaida, did not deny yesterday that Sir Ivor made the remarks. “We are not making any comment other than the fact they do not represent government policy,” a spokesman said.

The Foreign Office is taking a soft line because Sir Ivor had not intended his comments to be made public and there was a breach of Chatham House rules, meaning the conference had been held on condition that all comments should be kept off the record.

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We must not be decieved by PR-itizing attempts to stop specualtion about Bush’s military service. 60 Minites II was given the scoop on the Abugrabe Prison Scandal by the Administration when Bush was out campaigning (which is where he’s been during every crisis in the country in four years including 9-11.)
The question of who gave 60 minutes II the scoop on Abugrabe prisoner abuses never came up–and this latest attempt to stop press specualtion about Bush’s war-time service–is just that another PR-scam-to stop freedom of press actions and limit information.
The real question here-is why the records have disappeared ( when-where-what-why-and how) and what was happening in George Bush’s life during that time.
I openly speculate that as "Daddy’s good son" , he was a College preppie who indulged in the sniffing of the white powder and the Smoozey elite secret "Skull and Bones" Club, that one could contact any member of that "exclusive" club (or someone left out of that club) and they could provide the data necessary to support the notion that maybe, just maybe, his urine and blood tests would not have made it possible for him to get into the training program so he opted to "ditch" military service for the Party-hardy curcuit. ( That would be a major embarrassment for George Bush SR head of CIA. Therefore, the records misteriously had to disappear! Poof!!!and G. Dubya has never had to explain his whereabouts, until now.
Any service records that reflected that he "quit" just didn’t show up–ran away–as my version of the Georgie Porgy Pudding Pie song reflects:
Georgy Porgy, wealthy Bush-league guy;
Started a war and made many men die;
Even in military service he ran away
and made all the innocent citizens ( and their children) pay and pay and pay and pay and…( a pink bunny is going on and on)
I think we need to pull out that thesis document and school record stuff and talk to his college Professors and find out if he was snorting the white powder when he wrote it. What kind of grade did he get on it anyway–this document of killing
those unlike yourself without provocation? Is this a " DR Jeckell-MR Hyde" kind of writing that’s worthy of a " secret club Skull and bones" member?
Let me know if someone "cracks" this case–if you’ll excuse the pun. Someone in his graduating class or underclass-man knows the answer(s). The truth is begging to be found.
Please. As the person who created the charactorization of "Bones , Fool to the Lord of Darkness." In the Kennebunkport play, The Turning, about destruction of the world–I feel I should be privy to the PR that has spinned this web of a story to block further investigation of Bush’s war service–maybe the clues are more obvious than we know. We must ask his "peers".
Thank you for allowing me the space to address this concern.
Sincerely,Alane Joy Lee, A Mainer, mother, grandmother, widow, citizens advocate, actor and writer, IMA McGregor School of Antioch University: English, Playwriting:Edu. aka: Bones, Mistress Overdone, Cherry Tree Stump, Mother Din, Alexandria Pope, and various other personifications including authorship of the URBAN LEGEND 602P ;)

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