Welcome to the homepage for HCCP,
the Homebrew Competition Coordination Program.
(pronounced "Hiccup", of course)

HCCP has been used in more than 100 competitions totally more than 30,000 Entries (that I know of).
See the Competitions Page for details, and email me if you know of some I've missed.

1/31/11 Version 1.3.5 now available, recommended update. NOTE:Versions downloaded since September 2010 should not be used due to a potentially serious problem in flight definition.

HCCP is my contribution to the homebrewing community, based on frustration with other software packages available for this purpose. HCCP has many features, including:

Interested? Check out some screenshots from HCCP
  Download the documentation as a PDF file (Preferred)
  Download the documentation in Microsoft Word format
  Some of the Competitions which have used HCCP
Click on the image to the left if you would like to consider purchasing a hard copy version of the HCCP manual. Through QOOP You can select various options for binding and black/white or color printing. I make no profit on the sale of manuals.

HCCP is available as a zip file. Download the zipfile, and extract the contents to an empty folder. At that point it is ready to run. Before you do, please let me know who you are, and what contest you may use HCCP for. I won't use that information, I'm just curious!

Click here to download version 1.3 of HCCP.

Click here to download the previous version (1.2.4) of HCCP.

I am making available a simple PHP utility for online registration of judges. All configuration is set in a separate, easily editted file. The package produces a a CSV file which can be directly imported into HCCP, or alternatively saved as a spreadsheet. Click here to download

If you would like receive a notice when HCCP upgraded, send email to me with the subject "HCCP INFO".This will automatically add you to the list for future announcements. (I may not actually read the email for a while... )

HCCP Revision History

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